Tag: Staff Motivation

Patients Want the Human Touch When They Call

Your patients call you when they have a need. It could be a healthcare concern, to schedule an appointment, or to seek clarification on medical instructions. They might be inquiring about insurance, a charge, or making a payment. Or it may be something completely different. Regardless, they call you because they need your help. When […]

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Does It Matter Where Your Answering Service and Their Staff Are Located?

When your patients and callers reach your answering service, they can’t see the operators or where they’re located. But does that mean location doesn’t matter? You may conclude the setting isn’t relevant since everything happens over the telephone. However, if you care about your practice and your organization, where your answering service is located is […]

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Our Staff Motivation Cheat Sheet—What You Need to Know

The Wall Street Journal As pointed out in The Wall Street Journal, office managers around the country motivate their staff using a wide variety of tactics. Yet, research studies have proven that methods that focus on showing employees their worth and rewarding them for hard work and creativity accomplishes more than using control and/or punishment techniques. Whether you run […]

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